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There are many websites and books devoted to this topic, so I will start out simple and add as time allows. It sounds scary at first…one soul taking over the body of another soul, but it’s actually an agreement between the two, and both must agree for it to happen. Most resources say this agreement happens before the first/original soul incarnates. It is not a possession, or something evil, but the transition can be tough, so it might be seen in a negative light.


A soul transfer can happen at any time in the lifetime of the body/life, however usually it happens in adulthood. When born as an infant, our ability to remember directly where we come from is hampered, or if it exists it fades over time. When coming in as an adult, there's more of a chance of remembering.



The outgoing soul can leave for any number of reasons. Maybe they don’t see a way to deal with their life situation, which can cause depression and would have result in suicide if the transfer didn’t happen. It may be that their earthly work is done, their mission complete. It might be because of an illness or traumatic accident, although rather than that being a cause, it’s more likely that that gives the perfect opportunity for the soul exchange to happen, as these “grand” events cause a sever (and hopefully therefore cleaner) than to do it slower over time or during sleep. It could happen to alter the course of the life, to avoid an impending traumatic experience or something more subtle as the long term trajectory of the life. Or maybe they just became discourage with life.


The incoming soul usually comes to help/assist, or to bring resolution to a life or situation. Each has a different specific mission.


In her book, The World to Come, Ruth Montgomery encourages people who are suicidal to check with their guides or ask the Divine to assist with a soul exchange rather than destroying a healthy body. This choice to allow a spiritually-advanced soul to trade places removes the repercussion of taking one’s own life. The family is rarely upset by a member having a soul-exchange. Most will never know the difference since the memory of the soul that occupied the body is still intact. Since the incoming soul is responsible for resolving the karma and any outstanding issues left by the departing soul, family members may even rejoice about the positive changes they see in their loved one.




The exchange is typically made when the body is unconscious such as during sleep, surgery, a near-death experience, a suicide attempt, or emotional trauma. At first, a walk-in soul may be bewildered as it acclimates to being in a body in the earth plane. If a person is not aware of the concept of walk-ins, the experience can be very disorienting. Indications that a walk-in has occurred include the following as well as many other signs:


A person who was depressed is suddenly cheerful and optimistic
Someone who was in a coma unexpectedly regains consciousness or is miraculously healed
Changes regarding career path, religious beliefs, home environment, style of clothing, etc. are made rather quickly
Feeling as if family members and friends are strangers


In some cases, these shifts are gradual; but for others, the shifts may be immediate and dramatic. This webpage gives a lot of really good information: http://www.greatdreams.com/walkhow.htm

Journaling is a great way to encourage spiritual growth and get clarity on your path. I know it has personally helped me out immensely. 

A journal is just a place where you write down your thoughts and experiences. I have found that journaling is most effective for spiritual growth after all the "daily chatter" has been written down. Once you get out what you did, what your partner said, what injustices happened at work, etc the space becomes open for subconscious material to surface. So ideally journaling should happen every day, but even I myself don't always do it that often. I really depends on what is going on in life. If you have nothing to write about, start out by saing "I have nothing to write about" and wait to see what comes into your mind. Journaling is highly recommended if you don't know where to start, want to keep a record of life events, and/or do not have the funds for a therapist of spiritual advisor. There was a time when I wondered why I was journaling. In thought, "maybe I'll write a autobiography some day." Then my thinking switched to, "I used journaling as therapy." Now I realize that it also has been a place for walk-in communication to occur. 


What are the difference between walk-ins and possessions, multiple personality disorder and other mental illnesses?


Possessions are where an entity takes over someone’s body without permission, and usually for malintent. The original occupant/soul in the body still resides. With walk-ins, there is a mutual agreement to switch souls, and it’s not a forced entry like with possessions. In most cases the walk-in soul is more advanced spiritually, but it is reported that that’s not always the case.


Multiple Personality Disorder (now called Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID for short) is a mental disorder where the same soul, the occupant of the body, creates alternate personalities with the purpose of hiding information in order to deal with a traumatic experience they were not able to handle. I have thought about this a lot because i suspect occasionally that what im experiencing is MPD/DID. Here is what Ive come to through my readings and my own experiences.

The “switching” is more frequent than walk-in transfers, and in general DID is debilitating to the life. Being a walk-in can be tough and challenging, but there are clear symptoms of MPD/DID that you probably don't experience as a walk-in. At least I don't. For instance, with MPD/DID a person will find things in their possession that they don't recognize and don't remember buying or how they acquired it. Blackouts is also a symptom, where you completely have no clue what you were doing for blocks of time, or where the time has gone. Those are just a couple examples. Although I have memory problems they are more about the past and when I was young than about the here and now.

Identity issues. With MPD/DID there are distinct clear personalities with their traits and preferences. With walk-ins this line can be blurred and cause confusion about identity, because you have the body/blueprint/memories of the body and previous soul, yet you don't identify.

Also, MPD/DID sufferers' personalities tend to have names like Johnny, Susan, Mike, etc. walk-in names are not usually common human people names.

Another very distinguishing feature is that in general walk-ins feel they have a mission and are here for a higher purpose. Alters of MPD/DIDs may not feel that sense of higher calling.


Other mental disorders and general difficulties can easily be caused by the walk-in experience, as I myself have experienced depression, anxiety, temporary schizophrenia (that was fun!), the inability to settle down and commit to long term goals, etc. It is quite disconcerting to acquire a new body, have memory problems, anxiety about your ability to clearly see your mission, have unusual and powerful abilities, and not fit in here on Earth. Can you see how walk-ins can easily be given the label of mentally ill or how it can drive you crazy?


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