Splinter Journal

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Welcome. If you are here, you most likely are a walk-in, suspect you are, or are a loved one of a walk-in. This website contains general walk-in information, my walk-in experience, and a blog where I report how I continue to integrate into this body, this life, and discover things about my own case.


First off, let me define a spiritual walk-in soul, as I wouldn’t want you to think I’m talking about a walk-in salon, or walk-in medical clinic. Simply put, a walk-in is the exchange that happens when one soul leaves its body and another inhabits it. It is also called “soul transfer,” “soul exchange.” See the section on walk-in information to learn more about the process. Before you discount the walk-in soul concept, please just remember that at one time we also believed the earth was flat. Science has proven otherwise.


If you are like me, you don’t tell many people about your experience or that you are a walk-in. After my experience I tried to tell people that something monumental happened in my life, and I used concepts like rebirthing, kundalini, dissociative reintegration, and mania, and falling in love to explain it, but not one of these ideas could fully explain what happened. People just gave me that deer in the headlights look, or told me I was mentally ill, that my experience was of the devil, changed the subject, or that it was all just a brain malfunction. This website is meant to be a space where it is safe to talk about it.

This website is named “Splinter Journal” because after my walk-in experience there was a time where I thought I had Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder) and felt very disconnected, fragmented. These are all simply problems with integrating for the walk-in soul. Even though I don't have the same problem anymore I feel the name is appropriate. In the walk-in info section I explore the difference between walk-ins and MPD/DID.

I believe much of the mental illness in our society today can be explained through the walk-in experience. I personally have experienced, what I thought was unipolar depression, bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, and schizophrenia, all because of this experience and its aftermath. Walk-In experiences are on the rise, and interestingly, so is mental illness. Here is an excerpt from my journal on 11/20/02: "Lately I've been thinking about what is happening to me...this wave of inspiration. There's one explanation out of three possibilities. (1) God is directly giving me knowledge. (2) I am remembering from another lifetime. (3) I just suddenly for no reason am becoming smart. Oh yes, and here's another possibility...(4) I'm becoming insane. The problem with that one is that other people don't think I'm going insane, but that's because I don't tell them anything."

If you are a walk-in or advanced spiritually I have questions! Please see the section on right in the blog that says questions I have.


Because right now I work in the medical field and am expected to be professional to keep my job, I am not revealing my identity in the event someone I know comes across this website. Even just mental illness or personality issues will scare my clients and/or their family, let alone a concept like soul transfer. So for that reason, I will remain anonymous.